Save time and avoid overload

As we all know, a case can hinge entirely on a well-written brief. But research and writing take time and skill, so by outsourcing, you can regain control of your schedule while ensuring that your client receives the highest quality brief or motion.

Make your practice more profitable

Assigning part of your workload allows you to take on additional work from new and existing clients, thereby increasing your revenues and profits without having to hire a new associate. You can also charge a premium on the work 21st Century Law provides, thus improving your bottom line.

Access the knowledge required to win complex cases

As a solo or small-firm attorney, encountering unfamiliar legal issues is part of the job. In the past, a small firm that was offered a case presenting such an unfamiliar issue would have had to either decline the new business or refer the client to another firm. But by hiring Century Law, you no longer have to forgo that revenue, as you will receive either a thorough and well-researched memo, or a completed brief arguing the issue.


The fee structure is determined on an individual basis, as each client brings unique issues to the table. After the initial free consultation, Century Law will send you an estimate that takes into account the complexity of the issues, how much time it will take the firm to complete, and any other issues unique to your situation.




Century Law, first and foremost, is dedicated to serving you. Each project is tailored to meet your exact needs and the cost is what you and your client can afford. Responsive to email, calls, and text messages, you will never be kept waiting regarding the status of your case. Flexibility, consistency, and a high-quality work product is what you can expect, and exactly what will be delivered.


The main goal of working with you is to deliver the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time. With all the pressure of clients, court dates, and deadlines, the modern lawyer knows the value of an efficient turnaround, and that is what working with Sentry Law will provide.

Serving You With Integrity

This is a firm that prioritizes integrity, whether it is providing you with timely updates to your case, having transparent financial practices, or strictly complying with the rules of ethics—you can be sure that what you see is what you get.