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21st Century Law is committed to meeting all of the client's needs, whether it is a completed brief or motion that is ready to submit to the court, or a short memo on the legal issues involved in the case. Attention to detail, focus on the individual client, and a polished, high quality work product are all combined to ease the burden faced by the modern legal professional.


21st Century Law offers the following services:

  • Appellate Briefs 

    • For the busy solo practitioner who does not have the time or experience to appeal a client's case, Century Law can provide a completed brief tailored to your jurisdiction

    • If the case is scheduled for oral argument, assistance with mooting can also be provided 

  • Trial Documents

    • Trial is extremely time-consuming, so let Century Law ease your burden by drafting your trial documents, including: 

      • Complaints, answers, or replies

      • Pre-trial briefs

      • Motions of any kind, including but not limited to motions to dismiss, motions in limine, or motions for summary judgment

  • Research Memoranda

    • Need a deep dive into a particular issue? Century Law can provide a detailed memorandum on the issue(s) in a comprehensive, clear, and easily digestible document

  • Additional Services:

    • Amicus Briefs

    • Business Consultation & Contract Review

With an owner who has a strong background in research, writing, and the court system—both state and federal—you can be assured of receiving high quality service.



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